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The Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities industry is facing a host of daunting challenges and high volatility, driving the need to be nimble and agile, and is gravely impacting your profits. A host of new regulations and environmental requirements, along with emerging clean-energy regulations are causing regulatory complexity and a need for a simplified, enterprise-wide strategy. Add to these existing pressures to improve safety, reliability, operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.


But there is a silver lining. As you prepared for deregulation you have already done the hard work. We offer proven innovations to fully and seamlessly help you finish the job – to help you fully integrate your enterprise to prepare for the unrelenting demands ahead.


Key Challenges:

The global economy is transitioning through extraordinary times. Demand shrinkage due to global recession and tighter credit controls have hit the top-line and bottom-line of most of the energy, resources and utilities organizations across the globe. This is forcing them to resort to tighter cost controls and better asset utilization levels. Stringent norms and compliances are compelling them to go for greener initiatives and smarter processes. Organizations increasingly want to reduce operational costs, invest in process improvement, optimally utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies.


Cheqs Infosoft will help you identify and realize your goals through:

  • Reducing operational costs and improving operational efficiencies
  • Maximize the return and benefits from your existing IT landscape
  • Accelerate revenue growth and enhance portfolio management
  • Greater customer satisfaction and retention
  • Slashed time and cost to market through a well-defined new services introduction process
  • Business processes aligned with strategic vision
  • Enhanced tracking and monitoring of processes with a rich analytic dashboard
  • Flexibility in global business through an SOA-based architecture
  • Adherence to regulatory and environmental norms

Cheqs Infosoft helps you:

  • Lower TCO of your IT infrastructure, product development and operations
  • Integrate and optimize your supply chain to augment responsiveness to market demand
  • Achieve greater accuracy in demand and increase in inventory turns
  • Reduce procurement lead times and increase work order on-time delivery
  • Improve your pricing mechanisms
  • Optimize your warranty costs
  • Improve R&D effectiveness and reduce time-to-market for products
  • Make informed decisions
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